FSSAI Registration – An Overview

FSSAI registration is mandatory for anyone involved in the food business. Be it food processing, food manufacturing, packaging, distributing, or selling. It would help if you got an FSSAI registration to run your business. The Fssai registration/license is issued by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is a legal authority that offers a food license to all food business operators (FBO) in India. All the FBOs must follow all the rules and regulations of FSSAI for food quality control.

An FBO requires an FSSAI License or Registration and it all depends upon certain factors like the size of production, managing nature of food business activities, and range of operations. In the FSSAI Registration process, the FBO will get a 14-digit number that needs to be printed on food packages.

FSSAI Registration ensures the security of food products and it is essentially a food safety certificate circulated by the food authority in India. All the manufacturers, traders, restaurants, grocery shops, importers and exporters, etc. are eligible for issuing an FSSAI Licence. FSSAI Licensing assures that food products undergo specific quality checks, thereby decreasing the cases of adulteration, substandard products.

Food License

Benefits of applying for FSSAI Registration

  1. Consumer Awareness
    All FBOs must know that a FSSAI Licence adds the benefit of a reliable & loyal customer base.
  2. Legal Advantage
    FSSAI Registration is done under the regulatory body, and action can be taken for any non- compliance.
  3. FSSAI Logo
    FSSAI logo is a mark of validity and an assurance to your consumers that the food is safe to consume. FSSAI logo can be used in your menu cards and pamphlets to publicize your food’s superior quality.
  4. Business Expansion
    The goodwill of the Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) will make a business available. It establishes reputation and qualification to grow your business in a new direction with ease. It is easy to get Bank loans and funding for expansion. It is considered important for quality and long run.

Who is required to apply for FSSAI Registration?

From hawkers, home vendors to giant food chains everyone operating in the food industry needs to register with FSSAI. Irrespective of whether you are operating online or offline, or whether you are a local player or into the import or export of food products, you need to register with FSSAI. Based on their size and the places they operate; they have to get one of the 3 types of registration/licenses that are discussed below.
If your business falls in any one of the below-listed categories, then a food license is mandatory for you:

  • Procurement
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Storage
  • Selling

In other words, an individual or a company that operates with food substances from farm to plate must obtain the FSSAI food license.

Types of FSSAI License

Businesses engaged in food activities are required to apply for a food license which can be of different types based on turnover, the scale of business, and the type of activity. The Types of FSSAI Food licenses are as follows:

  • FSSAI Basic Registration
    • Annual turnover of the food business does not exceed ₹12 lakhs
    • New food business operator intending to sell food products in the market.
  • FSSAI State license
    • Annual turnover of the food business exceeds ₹12 lakhs but does not exceed ₹20 crores
    • Food business operators having an annual turnover of up to ₹12 lakhs but operating in more than one state
  • FSSAI Central license
    • Annual turnover of the food business exceeds ₹20 crores
    • Food business operators operating in multiple states

FSSAI Registration Cost

The FSSAI Registration cost depends on the type of license you are opting for and how many years (1-5 years).

  • Basic FSSAI Registration 1-year cost is Rs.100/-
  • State FSSAI Registration 1-year Rs.2000/- to Rs.5000/- (Depends on the type of business carried out)
  • Central FSSAI Registration 1-year Rs.7500/-

Validity Time of FSSAI License

FSSAI license validity stretches out from 1 to 5 years. According to the FSSAI rules, the food business operator is required to appeal for the renewal of the license in 30 days and it should be made before it’s expiry. Any FSSAI renewal application filed exceeding the expiry date is required to pay a late fee of Rs.100 per day for each day of delay. So, it’s essential for all food business operators to track and assure that their FSSAI license is valid at every time.

FSSAI License Number

The FSSAI logo and FSSAI license number are always mentioned on the label of the food package in inverse colour to the background. In the case of various units, the manufacturer or packer, the FSSAI logo and license number of the brand owner must be mentioned on the label of the food package. The addresses of the various units on the label must carry the FSSAI license number.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are different Licenses required to conduct a different kinds of food business activities at the same premise?

FSSAI license is based on the premise. All kinds of food business activities that are being conducted at the same premise can be applied for in a single FSSAI license.

2. My License/Registration is suspended or cancelled. Do I need to stop food business activities?

On the suspension or cancellation of his/her license or registration, a food business operator needs to stop food business activities immediately. Carrying out any food business activity on suspended or cancelled License/Registration is an unlawful activity and shall attract penal actions under FSS Act, 2006.

3. Do I need to obtain FSSAI License for utensils/packaging material meant for serving or packaging food?

No. FSSAI License/Registration is not required for utensils or packaging material as these are not covered under the definition of food as per Section 3(n) of FSS Act, 2006.

4. My License was cancelled. Can I apply for a fresh License?

After 3 months from the date of cancellation under Regulation 2.1.8 (3), the Food Business Operator may make a fresh application for Registration or license to the concerned authority if all observations made in the improvement notice have been complied with.

5. How to transfer the License from one owner to another in case of the death of the owner?

License can be transferred in case of the death of the owner. Transfer applications can be made online. For transfer of License, Death Certificate and Proof of Legal Heir is required.

6. What is the FSSAI License requirement to run a food business in more than one state with the same name of the company or organization?

If a Food Business Operator (FBO) has his food business premises located in two or more States, he is required to obtain a Central License for his Registered Office or Head Office in addition to the license/registration for each unit/premise. A separate license or registration has to be obtained for each unit/premise depending upon that unit’s capacity or turnover, from the concerned Central or State licensing authorities. Further, if there is any food business activity conducted on Registered Office/Head Office premise, the same shall also be incorporated in Head Office License.

7. Do I need to file an annual return for my food business activities?

FSSAI Licensed FBOs involved in Manufacturing (including repacking and relabellers i.e., FBOs getting their food products manufactured by third-party manufacturers) and importing of food products need to submit Annual Returns in Form D1 by 31st May of every preceding financial year, only through FoSCoS Portal. *Manufacturers-Exporters are also required to file annual returns w.e.f FY 2021-22 onwards.

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