Deductions for Rent paid

When it comes to minimizing our tax liabilities, exploring various deductions and exemptions provided by the Income Tax Act is essential. One such provision that can benefit individuals who do not receive or who are not eligible for house rent allowances is Section 80GG. This section allows taxpayers to claim a deduction from the income [...]

Income Tax E-Verification Process

Filing your income tax return is an essential responsibility for every taxpayer, ensuring compliance with tax regulations and contributing to the smooth functioning of the economy. After successfully filing your tax return electronically, the next crucial step is to e-verify it. E-verification is the process of validating and authenticating your tax return filing electronically, eliminating the need for physical verification.

Deduction of payment to MSMEs

Every business can claim deduction of payments made to the vendors on accrual basis. This means that business can claim deduction of payments to vendors which are not paid in actual but are due for payments as on the last date of the financial year and/or even until filing the return of income.