DIR-3 KYC Compliance of Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has introduced DIR-3 e-KYC to conduct KYC verification for all the persons who have been allotted DIN (Director Identification Number). DIN is a unique 8 digit number allotted to a person who wishes to become a director of a company. Thus any person who holds a DIN is mandatorily required to file DIR-3 KYC with MCA.

Who is required to file DIR-3 KYC?

As mentioned, any person who has been allotted a DIN on or before 31st March of a financial year is required to mandatorily file DIR-3 KYC to submit his / her details to MCA. As this process is compulsory for every director whose DIN has an active status on the MCA portal, even the disqualified directors are required to complete their KYC via DIR-3.

What is the due date for filing DIR 3 KYC?

The due date to file the DIR-3 KYC form is 30thSeptember every year.

What is the fee applicable to submit DIR-3 KYC?

MCA has stated that there is no fee for submitting the DIR-3 KYC form if DIR 3 KYC is filed before the due date as applicable.

What are the consequences of not complying with the process of DIR-3 KYC?

If a director fails to file DIR3 KYC form by the due date for any reason, the DIN of such a director shall be de-activated by MCA. MCA will update the reason for the de-activation of DIN on the portal as ‘Non-filing of Dir-3 KYC’. The director can get his / her DIN re-activated after the due date by filing the DIR-3 KYC form and by paying a late fee of Rs 5000.

What are the documents required to file DIR-3 KYC form?

If any director filed DIR-3 KYC form for the first time, he/she shall have to furnish below-mentioned information and copy of below-mentioned documents which shall be self-attested and also certified by a professional:

  1. PAN Card- Mandatory
  2. Aadhar Card- Mandatory if allotted
  3. Voters ID Card-Optional
  4. Driving License-Optional
  5. Passport-Mandatory if allotted
  6. Proof of Residential Address
  7. Personal Mobile Number
  8. Personal e-mail address
  9. In the case of a foreign national, passport is a mandatory requirement. Also, all the documents of a foreign national should be notarized and apostilled from the consulate.

What is the process for subsequent years?

If a director complies with the filing of DIR-3 KYC in the previous year and has no change in any of the KYC details will have to verify the details via DIR 3 KYC-WEB in the subsequent year/s. This is a very simple process where an individual will log in to the MCA portal and shall verify the KYC details via OTP generated on his/her mobile number and email id. Professional certification is not needed for DIR 3 KYC-WEB.

What if there are changes in the KYC details?

If there is any change in the KYC details of a director other than a change in the mobile number and email id, such director shall have to file form DIR-6, and once DIR-6 is approved, DIR 3 KYC shall be filed and verify the changes. If there is a change in the mobile number and/or email id, then the filing of DIR 3 KYC shall suffice. In such a case, DIR 3 KYC-WEB shall not apply. (every time all documents )

Important points to consider while filing DIR-3 KYC

  • While filing the DIR-3 KYC for, the director shall have to provide his / her personal mobile number and email address. These will be verified through the OTP (One Time Password) sent on them.
  • The Director shall affix his / her own Digital Signature while filing the DIR-3 KYC form.
  • The details provided by the Director shall be certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant, Cost, and Management Accountant or a Company Secretary.

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